Travel Staffing Employers

AlliedTravelWeb is currently considering premium travel companies to join our network of travel partners. To become a travel partner with, you must offer exceptional service to your traveling healthcare professionals.

How’s profile service works

Allied and Therapy Healthcare Professionals visit to minimize the time spent researching travel staffing companies, assignments and benefit options.  These professionals complete a short profile online telling us about their experience, their discipline and their travel destination preferences. When they submit the profile, we match it with with our travel partner’s preferences and send it to all of our travel partner’s designated contact. Wouldn’t you like to present your travel assignments to these qualified professionals?


QCan I set a budget?
ASure!  There is an option on the sign up form that allows you to tell us the maximum number of profiles to send you every month.
QWhen will I receive the profiles?
AYou will receive profiles via email Monday-Friday as they become available to  All profiles generated on the weekend will be sent on the following Monday. (You can tell us what email address to send the profiles to at the time you sign up)
QHow will I be billed?
ADetailed invoices will be sent via email monthly.

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