How to Become a Travel Medical Laboratory Tech

How to Become A Travel Medical lab Tech

A medical laboratory tech performs complex tests to help other professionals in the healthcare industry like doctors and nurse practitioners, diagnose and treat diseases such as diabetes and cancer. They may specialize in various areas like immunology, molecular biology, microbiology, hematology, cytotechnology and clinical chemistry. This role also enjoys the flexibility of having the opportunity to work as a permanent staff member or as a travel medical lab technologist at facilities across the country.

Just like a travel therapist, a travel MLT can earn more money while enjoying outstanding benefits like free housing or a housing stipend, along with opportunities for career advancement, the chance to experience new destinations and meet new people.

What Is a Travel Medical Lab Tech?

A travel medical lab tech is generally tasked with the same responsibilities as an MLT who works directly for a facility. That can entail setting up and sanitizing a laboratory, matching blood compatibility for transfusions, preparing specimens, collecting blood samples, analyzing fluid chemical content and more. Instead of being a permanent staff member, the travel medical lab tech works with a recruiter at a healthcare travel company. The recruiter then helps to set them up on assignments in various locations around the country, usually for 13 weeks at a time.

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The Benefits of Being a Travel Medical Laboratory Technician

The benefits of being a medical lab tech not only include earning a good salary, but the potential to make a difference in patients’ lives. Testing blood and other samples to help the physician diagnose what is wrong, can and often does lead to lives being saved. Being a travel MLT brings even more benefits like a higher salary, getting paid to travel, living in new places, learning new skills, getting free private housing and more.

How Much Does a Travel Medical Lab Tech Make?

The salary for a travel medical lab tech varies depending on location, just like any other job. The average salary across the country for an MLT working in a permanent position is $51,505, whereas the average travel MLT makes an average of nearly $68,000 per year. The highest paying states for travel medical lab techs are California, with the average salary at $80,500, followed by Rhode Island, Alaska, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The lowest paying states pay salaries that range from just over $50,000 to $54,000 annually and include Alabama, New Mexico, South Carolina, Louisiana and Arkansas.

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Can New Grad MLTs Become Traveling Medical Lab Techs?

Due to the demand for medical laboratory technicians, though rare,  it is possible to become a travel MLT as a new grad. Travel Medical lab Techs are most often required to have a minimum of year of experience.  Two years of experience is ideal. Healthcare travel companies have knowledgeable recruiters on staff who are willing to advise you on how to make the most out of the education and laboratory experience you have, helping you to enter the exciting world of healthcare travel. The most important thing is to be as flexible as possible and to be willing to take an assignment where the need is greatest.

How Does a Medical Laboratory Tech Find Travel Jobs?

While you’re likely to find plenty of job openings simply by doing a Google search, just like travel therapy and other healthcare travel jobs, most can be found by signing up with a travel healthcare staffing agency. As there is such a long list of these companies, you’ll need to determine which have assignments for MLTs that meet your particular requirements. As you can imagine, that can be quite time consuming.

The simplest approach to finding a MLT travel job and getting matched with travel staffing companies that can meet your needs and interests is to use our free service for Medical Lab Techs. By submitting a brief online form, we’ll match your preferences with the industry leading travel staffing companies. You’ll no longer worry about jobs being outdated as you’ll gain access to unadvertised travel jobs and you’ll save time on researching companies. Start here!

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