Weekly Roundup: Hot Therapy Travel Jobs | Hot Allied Travel Jobs

This week’s roundup of the top paying travel therapy and allied travel jobs available through our travel partners

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Top Cardiology Travel Jobs

SpecialtyEst. Weekly PayLocationGet Info
Travel Echo Tech$3031Knoxville, WIGet Info
Travel Echo Tech$2921Des Moines, IAGet Info
Travel Echo Tech$2872Waterloo, IAGet Info
Travel Echo Tech$2882Sioux City, IAGet Info
Travel Cath Lab Tech$4421San Francisco, CAGet Info
Travel Cath Lab Tech$4013Peoria, ILGet Info
Travel Cath Lab Tech$3859Akron, OHGet Info
Travel EEG Tech$2819Rochester, NYGet Info
Travel EEG Tech$2179Seattle, WAGet Info
Travel EEG Tech$2032Youngstown, OHGet Info
2024 Top Paying Cardiology Travel Jobs

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Top Laboratory Travel Jobs

SpecialtyEst. Weekly PayLocationGet Info
Travel Clinical Lab Scientist$2830Stafford Springs, CTGet Info
Travel Clinical Lab Scientist$2676Brooklyn, NYGet Info
Travel Clinical Lab Scientist$2620Torrance, CAGet Info
Travel Cytotechnologist$3155White Plains, NYGet Info
Travel Cytotechnologist$3127Waterbury, CTGet Info
Travel Cytotechnologist$3024Wenatchee, WAGet Info
Travel Histotechnician$2930Fort Wayne, INGet Info
Travel Histotechnician$2540Brooklyn, NYGet Info
Travel Histotechnician$2411Madison, WIGet Info
Travel Medical Laboratory Tech (MLT)$3030Pierre, SDGet Info
Travel Medical Laboratory Tech (MLT)$2769Fargo, NDGet Info
Travel Medical Laboratory Tech (MLT)$2769Hilo, HIGet Info
Travel Medical Technologist (MT)$3040Waukesha, WIGet Info
Travel Medical Technologist (MT)$2899Hilo, HIGet Info
2024 Top Paying Laboratory Travel Jobs

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Top Radiology Travel Jobs

SpecialtyEst. Weekly PayLocationGet Info
Travel CT Tech$4032Boston, MAGet Info
Travel CT Tech$3945Mountain View, CAGet Info
Travel CT Tech$3925Pittsfield, MAGet Info
Travel Radiology Tech$3997San Francisco, CAGet Info
Travel Radiology Tech$3954Lebanon, NHGet Info
Travel Radiology Tech$3838Grand Forks, NDGet Info
Travel Radiology Tech$3656Fresno, CAGet Info
Travel Radiology Tech$3649Lincoln, NEGet Info
Travel Radiology Tech$3495Saint Peter, MNGet Info
Travel Mammography Tech$4195Lebanon, NHGet Info
Travel Mammography Tech$3901San Francisco, CAGet Info
Travel MRI Tech$3572Lawrence, MAGet Info
Travel MRI Tech$3571Raleigh, NCGet Info
Travel MRI Tech$3499Sioux Falls, IDGet Info
Travel Nuclear Med Tech$3845Corona, CAGet Info
Travel Radiation Therapist$3250Washington, DCGet Info
Travel Radiation Therapist$2961Pittsfield, MAGet Info
Travel Radiation Therapist$2956Lebanon, PAGet Info
Travel Ultrasound Tech$4149Juneau, AKGet Info
Travel Ultrasound Tech$3530Columbus, NEGet Info
Travel Ultrasound Tech$3459Rockport, MEGet Info
Travel Vascular Tech$3483Columbus, NEGet Info
Travel Vascular Tech$3454Sault Saint Mari, MIGet Info
Travel Vascular Tech$2862Williamsport, PAGet Info
2024 Top Paying Radiology Travel Jobs

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Top Rehab Therapy Travel Jobs

SpecialtyEst. Weekly PayLocationGet Info
Travel Physical Therapist$3586Alturas, CAGet Info
Travel Physical Therapist$3472Soldotna, AKGet Info
Travel Physical Therapist$3418Oneonta, NYGet Info
Travel PTA$2329San Rafael, CAGet Info
Travel PTA$2221Macon, GAGet Info
Travel PTA$2183Susanville, CAGet Info
Travel Occupational Therapist$3082Portland, ORGet Info
Travel Occupational Therapist$3070Kodiak, AKGet Info
Travel Occupational Therapist$3061Lovington, NMGet Info
Travel COTA$3156Santa Barbara, CAGet Info
Travel COTA$2059Kennewick, WAGet Info
Travel COTA$1918Salem, ORGet Info
Travel Speech Language Pathologist$3591Falls Church, VAGet Info
Travel Speech Language Pathologist$3495Sitka, AKGet Info
Travel Speech Language Pathologist$3345Glendale, CAGet Info
2024 Top Paying Therapy Travel Jobs

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Top Respiratory Therapy Travel Jobs

SpecialtyEst. Weekly PayLocationGet Info
Travel Respiratory Therapist (RRT)$3211Milwaukee, WIGet Info
Travel Respiratory Therapist (RRT)$3031Middlebury, VTGet Info
Travel Respiratory Therapist (RRT)$3022Grand Forks, NDGet Info
Travel Respiratory Therapist (CRT)$2914Manahawkin, NJGet Info
Travel Respiratory Therapist (CRT)$2895Grafton, WIGet Info
2024 Top Paying Respiratory Travel Jobs

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Top Surgical Travel Jobs

SpecialtyEst. Weekly PayLocationGet Info
Travel Anesthesia Tech$2498Milwaukee, WIGet Info
Travel Anesthesia Tech$1786Apple Valley, CAGet Info
Travel Surgical Tech$3494Atlanta, GAGet Info
Travel Surgical Tech$3483Honolulu, HIGet Info
Travel Surgical Tech$3182Columbus, OHGet Info
Travel OR Tech, First Assist$3546Springfield, ILGet Info
Travel OR Tech , CVOR$3313Wenatchee, WAGet Info
Travel OR Tech, CVOR$3295Cambridge, MAGet Info
Travel Sterile Processing Technician$2895Honolulu, HIGet Info
Travel Sterile Processing Technician$2048Burlington, VTGet Info
Travel Sterile Processing Technician$1902Green Bay, WIGet Info
2024 Top Paying Surgical Travel Jobs

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Tips and Tricks To Help You Succeed in the Allied Travel Healthcare Industry

To succeed in the allied travel health industry, here are some valuable tips and tricks:

  1. Explore travel guides: Expand your knowledge and expertise by immersing yourself in travel guides. Familiarize yourself with different destinations, their unique health risks, and the preventive measures required for travelers. This will make you a valuable resource for travel health advice.
  2. Read informative blogs: Follow blogs that focus on travel health and related topics. These blogs often provide valuable insights, expert advice, and industry trends. Regularly reading these blogs can help you stay ahead of the game and enhance your understanding of the field.
  3. Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Familiarize yourself with common questions and concerns travelers may have regarding health issues. Having well-informed answers to these FAQs will make you a trusted source of information, enhance your credibility, and assist you in providing exceptional care for your clients.
  4. Understand licensure requirements: Get familiar with the licensure requirements specific to the travel health industry in your region. Stay up-to-date with any changes in regulations and ensure you meet all the necessary qualifications. This will enable you to practice legally and with confidence.
  5. Refer a friend: Build a strong network within the travel health industry by referring friends and colleagues who may be interested in pursuing a career in this field. Collaborating and connecting with like-minded professionals can open up new opportunities, facilitate knowledge sharing, and help you stay motivated in your career.

By implementing these tips and tricks, you can set yourself up for success in the dynamic and rewarding world of the travel health industry.

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