Travel Therapy

Travel Therapy Jobs

What is Travel Therapy?

With growing diseases, ailments, and aging population, the demand for travel healthcare providers is increasing. Among the medical professions, therapy plays a major role. Travel therapy is a career option for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and assistants (PTA and COTA) who are looking for short-term contracts at facilities across the country.

How long are travel assignments?

Travel therapy jobs often range in length from 8-28 weeks, with most contracts lasting 13 weeks. Travel PTs, OTs, and SLPs along with therapy assistants can find therapy travel jobs in all 50 U.S. states at hospitals, inpatient and outpatient facilities, school systems, and home health networks. Can you picture yourself taking your therapy career to the next level with exciting travel destinations all over the United States?

About Travel Therapy Jobs

Travel therapist jobs are available through travel staffing companies. Your point of contact is a recruiter. There is no difference in the medical settings a traveler will work as compared to the healthcare settings of a non-traveler. Travel therapy assignments are available in hospitals, clinics, community health program, rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facilities, along with jobs providing health care at home.

Who can be a Travel Therapist?

Any Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, PTA or COTA can be a travel therapist.  You need a sense of adventure, flexibility, and the desire to provide high-quality care to be successful in the travel role.

How much experience is needed to be a Travel Therapist?

We recommend PTs, OTs, and SLPs have at least one year of experience before taking travel contracts, as travel therapy jobs require a strong skill set and the ability to hit the ground running, but there are travel therapy jobs available for new grad OT and PTs.  We also recommend PTAs and COTAs have one full year of recent experience before traveling.  Travel physical therapy and travel occupational therapy professionals are in high demand. If you can jump into a new position and adapt quickly, you will thrive in this role.

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How to get started as a Travel Therapist

Travel therapy jobs come with a unique set of requirements, but travel therapy staffing companies will help place you exactly where you would like to be. Once you determine that travel therapy is the right career move for you, you will need to connect with a top rated travel therapy company. You can earn more, travel more, and stress less with an experienced travel therapy recruiter guiding you on your first travel assignment.

One way to find the best travel job is to research travel staffing agencies individually to determine whether they have travel assignments and traveler benefits that meet your needs and interests. The downside is that this can be incredibly time consuming as there are hundreds of travel staffing companies out there. Using this approach can make it very difficult for you to connect with the top travel therapy companies.

The best approach to finding a travel therapy job and getting matched with the best travel therapy companies is to use our free service for Therapists. By submitting a brief online form, we’ll match your preferences with the industry leading travel staffing agencies. You’ll no longer worry about jobs being outdated as you’ll gain access to unadvertised travel jobs and you’ll save time on researching companies. The best part is there is no obligation.