Central Service & Sterile Processing Week

Happy Central Service & Sterile Processing Week!

Happy Central Service &  Sterile Processing Week!

Hospitals all around the nation and world will be celebrating sterile processing technicians who take pride in maintaining clean and sterile surgical supplies and equipment for the healthcare system. Where would we be without them?

The reality is that patient care would suffer without the high integrity and dedication of central service/sterile processing technicians. Due to their high industry standards, policies, and procedures, patients can rest assured that they’re getting the best care possible. After all, sterile instruments are of utmost important in the healthcare field when it comes to surgeries.

CS/SPT’s help the OR engine run

Some say that the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) and Central Sterile (CS) technicians is the gasoline that makes the OR engine run. The travel techs may be behind the scenes, but their duty to keep patients’ safe with clean and sterile instruments and materials is of utmost importance. Both departments work together for the common goal of patient safety and OR cleanliness.

To honor central service/ sterile processing technicians, the week of October 14th through 20th has been set aside to celebrate those who consistently set the bar high. Hospitals and healthcare systems will take time throughout the week to show their support and appreciation for such amazing talent. Whether that’s hosting a special lunch, or a blessing them with a thoughtful gift, efforts will be made to shower them with support and gratitude.

Everyone needs to feel appreciated

Whether your sterile processing job is local, you’re an SPT traveler working travel SPT jobs, you deserve to feel appreciated for your hard work and dedication. As you facilitate the procurement and management of surgical supplies and equipment, the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management sends a big thank you to each technician. For every instrument that you clean, decontaminate, sterilize and store, big appreciation and thanks come from people all around the nation in the world.

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Gratitude for the SPT traveler

Maybe you take on SPT travel assignments or simply love to accept travel SPT jobs. What a great way to travel and see the country while doing what you’re passionate about! Though it might not always be easy to pick up and leave for your travel assignments, having the option to do so can be an incredible opportunity. This allows you to meet new people, and possible learn things you may not have learned at your local place of employment.

As you head into Central Service/Sterile Processing Appreciation Week, take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Do something special for yourself and know that you are valued and appreciated by many people in the medical field. And even though many patients might never fully understand how valuable your skills are, revel in the fact that you get to show up for them in a big way to help keep them safe. Knowing you are of such value to humankind has got to be a great feeling!

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