COTA Travel Jobs

COTA Travel Jobs

COTA Travel Jobs: Travel Assignments For Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

If you’re a COTA and want to travel and explore while you work, a career as a travel COTA is a wonderful option. COTA travel jobs are being staffed at high rates throughout the country. While there is no set standard length for COTA travel assignments, most COTA travel jobs last between 8-26 weeks. The majority of the positions being offered are for 13 week terms.

Depending on the location and requirements of the COTA position of your choice, you  will be asked to spend a pre-determined of time at a specific job. Some COTA travel jobs may start as a short-term assignment with the option extend the length of the travel contract and in come cases the traveler may be offered a full-time permanent position. In addition to choosing where you want to work, travel COTAs earn a higher salary that COTAs working in standard positions.

If a travel COTA job sounds like a great fit for you then you do not have to look far for a new place to travel and work. Allied Travel Web will guide you to a travel job that is right for you.

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COTA travel jobs are available in many settings including: Hospitals (Acute Care, Long Term Care Acute Care and Rehab), Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health and Clinics.

Requirements to become a COTA Traveler

Required education: Minimally, a two-year associates degree, accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association, is required. Passing of the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy certification examination is also required.

Required experience: Typically COTA travelers must have one year of recent experience working as a COTA to be eligible for COTA travel jobs. Some COTA travel jobs require 2 years of experience.

COTA Travel Job Benefits

Whether you chose a major metropolitan area, a cultural hot spot, or a quaint community that’s off the beaten path, there are many benefits that come along with your COTA travel assignment. While you care for your patients, your travel staffing company will take care of you. Aside from the high salary COTA travelers earn, benefits typically include health insurance, 401k package, free private housing or housing stipend, direct deposit, extension bonuses, pet-friendly accommodations, travel expense allowances and much more.

How to get started as a COTA Traveler

You have the required education and a minimum of one year of recent experience, now what? The next step is get in touch with travel staffing agencies and explore assignment and benefit options that may be of interest you. There are hundreds of travel companies out there and this can be a daunting task. Allied Travel Web has simplified this task for you.

COTA travel jobs are filled quickly and jobs found online are often filled so fast that they are no longer available by the time they are visible online – some are not even posted. Don’t miss out on the perfect travel opportunity for you!

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COTA travel jobs are available in the following:  Hospital therapy,  COTA Hospital Jobs, Rehab Injuries, Occupational Therapy rehab treatment at rehab centers or rehab clinics, Pediatric rehab as a Pediatric COTA, Rehabilitation therapy as a rehabilitation COTA/rehab therapist assistant caring for rehab patients, Occupational therapy rehab carrying out rehab therapy for rehab programs, Rehab care as a Rehab Therapist Assistant, Private or Public schools, Clinic, Private Practice Office, Mental Health, Centers for Persons with Disabilities, Private Practice COTA, Outpatient Rehab, Research Labs, Work Therapy Assistant, Clinical Therapist Assistant, Education COTA and Agency Occupational Therapist Assistant, State and Local Government.

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