Fun Things For Healthcare Travelers to Collect While Traveling

Fun Things To Collect While Traveling

Fun Things For Healthcare Travelers to Collect While Traveling

While the memories we enjoy when traveling to different places are the very best souvenirs to take home, it’s always fun to have something more tangible to provide a reminder of your travel assignment. Fortunately, healthcare travelers often get to stay much longer than the average person on vacation, making it easy to collect some great keepsakes along the way, and keep the memories alive for many years to come.

You might also want to take along a travel journal or notebook to document your adventures and perhaps use some of your souvenirs to paste into it. Many also include things like calendars, trip planners and budget charts that can be incredibly helpful. Of course, that’s one of the more obvious ways to document your journey while working a travel job, there are lots of other ways to make the experience more memorable, including these.


Art makes a great travel souvenir, and it doesn’t have to be pricey. You might pick up a print of a painting by a local artist depicting the area’s scenery, for example. Depending on your particular location, there may be street artists selling their works, a local flea market or even a gift shop with reasonably priced offerings. All you’ll need is an inexpensive frame, and it will look amazing on the wall of your temporary abode, and back at home. Collect them over time, and your wall will be the perfect place for going down memory lane.


Like prints, postcards are another fun way to create “Memory Lane.” You could put them into a scrapbook, or a collage type of frame and view them whenever you want to enjoy thinking about your time in San Francisco, New York, Boston or any place your travels take you.


Cuisine can really vary depending on the area of the country you’re in. The Northeast, for example, loves their lobster, while in the South, cornbread, catfish, grits and pecan pie are common. If you love a good culinary adventure, cookbooks from your various travels across the nation can be a great way to create a collection that will bring back memories while allow you to feast on some of the tasty fare you’ve enjoyed.

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Wine Corks

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you might collect corks from the bottles you’ve enjoyed and then write the date, place and people you were with on the cork. Put them all into a decorative vase for a really cool piece that you can take with you on all of your travel assignments, and then look forward to enjoying it when your back home too.

Natural Elements

When you’re on a healthcare assignment near a beach, collecting sea shells or little jars of sand can make for a great travel memory. Even if you’re not near a beach, you may be able to turn up some pretty rocks or pebbles to collect. You can put them into clear glass jars or bottles, and then label them with the place they were collected from, perhaps displaying them on a shelf for all to view, and trigger conversations about your travels.


Although refrigerator magnets are an obvious choice, they’re great for travel souvenirs as they’re cheap and easy to find. Before you know it, your entire refrigerator will be covered with all the different places you’ve been.


While the people you meet aren’t going to fit into your suitcase to take back home, odds are, you’ll be meeting lots of new friends along the way. Collect their addresses, and when you get home, send them a postcard from where you live – it’s a great, old fashioned way to keep in touch, and savor some of the very best memories you’ll be making out on the road.

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