Top 10 Travel Apps That Will Make Life Easier on a Travel Job

Top 10 Travel Apps for Healthcare Travelers

Top 10 Travel Apps That Will Make Life Easier on a Travel Job

Just like there is for just about everything, there’s an app out there for that! Whether you’re a travel therapist, an allied traveler or on any other type of healthcare traveler, you can take advantage of some great travel apps that can help you before and after you arrive to your new travel job.

Packing Pro

There are so many things to think about before heading off to your new destination, it can get overwhelming, especially when it comes to packing. Download Packing Pro and it will help you create a packing list as well as allow you to organize your belongings and sort them into various categories. You can use a sample list that’s include, or the expert list-making tool. It will customize what you’ll need based on the number of days you plan to be there, the average temperature, the particular travel destination, and more. It has a massive built-in catalog with more than 800 different items. You’ll never forget a single thing again.


If you’re traveling with your four-legged best friend across country, or a significant amount of miles from home, you’ll probably need to stop at hotels along the way, which means you’ll need to find something that’s pet-friendly. That’s where BringFido comes in – it’s an app that will locate which accommodations will welcome Fido, your furry feline, your goldfish or other pet.

Pet First Aid

What happens if your pet becomes ill or gets injured, on the road or after you reach your new destination? It’s too soon to have found a vet, but this app includes a vet locator so you can get help quick, and it also offers lifesaving information too.

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Need help making a move across the country, or just getting some assistance unloading your stuff into a new place so you can get started on your travel job? HireAHelper is an easy way to get assistance, often for a very affordable price with everything listed upfront so you won’t have to worry about unexpected surprises.


As a healthcare traveler, odds are you’re going to be doing a lot of driving, from getting to your assignment, to traveling to and from the facility each day. That means you’re going to be going through a lot of gas too. Knowing where the cheapest spots to buy it are can make a big difference in your budget. GasBuddy allows you to type in a zip code or view a map to find the cheapest pumps in the area.


Waze is a must for just about anyone who has a commute or ever gets out on the road. Not only will it help you get to where you want to go, it can help you to find the quickest route and beat traffic congestion by using crowdsourcing information from a vast community of drivers. It also has a sharing feature you can use to notify others of your estimated time of arrival. It can help you find your new place, and make sure you get to your shift on time too. This app can really be a lifesaver.


Want to know more about your new location? Localeur is an app that will allow you to get recommendations direct from the very best source: the locals. You can discover that perfect restaurant for Sunday brunch, an ideal new coffee hangout, where to enjoy a cocktail and much more. It’s really a must-have app for anyone on a travel job.

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Not only are you likely to be traveling between assignments, you’re probably going to be enjoying some shorter trips to explore your new area during your assignment too. When you’re a healthcare traveler, you don’t have a lot of time to document those travel experiences, but Livetrekker can help. It will create a digital journal that you look at your adventures on an interactive map. It will track and mark your route as you go, so that you can share it live with your friends and family. You can add photos, audio, video and text too.


Just about everyone has at least heard of Airbnb at this point, it’s become one of the trendiest sites for finding that perfect place to stay in just about every part of the world. Whether you’re looking for something short-term while on the road or on vacation; a place to live in-between assignments, or even if you’re searching for your own temporary housing while on the job, this site can help. It offers everything from private rooms to apartments and homes, available per night, or in some cases, weekly or even monthly.

Time Out – Discover Your City

This app offers another great way to discover your new city. Find the best entertainment, art, food and drink, through curated lists. It will even inform you about special events and things to do over the weekend.

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