National Radiologic Technology Week

Rad Tech Week

Chances are you or a loved one has had an x-ray at least one time in your life, or perhaps another radiologic test like a CT scan. Going in for any type of imaging test can be quite scary, especially when there is concern about a serious disease.

Most of the time, upon entering the radiology room, the Radiologic Tech (RT) offers a smile and reassurance that you’re in the best hands. Most are trained to be empathetic to the person receiving the tests, and that helps a lot! They understand that the patient may be dealing with fearful and worrisome thoughts, and simply want to feel as if they are in the best RT hands at the time.

While there may be a tendency to overlook the importance of his or her job, the role of the Rad Tech is quite valuable to the healthcare industry.

National Radiologic Technology Week

Each day, millions of highly technical images are taken by a Rad Tech or Travel Rad Tech, and these images are very important for millions of patients. In an effort to not diminish the importance, National Radiologic Technology Week is an annual event that celebrates Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging Professionals and the role that they play in patient care and healthcare safety.

This year, the celebration is November 4th through the 10th. This is a great time to celebrate the profession of radiology for Rad Techs, Interventional Rad Tech travelers, and those that move from one Rad Tech travel job to another. It’s a great time to raise public awareness about those who dedicate their time and skills to acquiring accurate images to help physicians make very important decisions regarding patients.

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Accurate imaging matters

Registered Radiologic Technologists are responsible for making sure that the images taken give doctors a clear picture so that they can accurately diagnose a patient. Their expertise is vital to physicians and to patients. Rad Techs must be sure that the images are accurate and clear, as an unclear image can result in a scary diagnosis that can cause a lot of fear unnecessarily. On the flip side, a poorly positioned image might obscure something that the doctor really needs to see.

Therefore, as we celebrate National Radiologic Technology Week, send positive thoughts to your Radiology Techs and departments dedicated to their education. If you feel led, send a thank you card to your local Radiology department expressing your gratitude for their wonderful service. In addition, the next time you see your RT, be sure to offer gratitude for his or her expertise, skills, and caring heart. If you happen to know an RT personally, this is the perfect opportunity to give a small token of your appreciation.

If you’d like to learn more about the holiday, and learn how you can help spread awareness, click here. Or, see the American Society of Radiologic Technologists for further information about Rad Techs.


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