Thank You, Surgical Techs, For Being OR Angels

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For all the times you’ve passed the scalpel (or one of hundreds of other surgical tools), for prepping patients in a loving way, and ensuring the OR is orderly and safe, THANK YOU. Your role as a surgical technologist is very important and certainly worth celebrating. Though you have plenty of patients that may never realize your hard work at ensuring their safety in the operating room, there are others who know full well your important role.

Your professional work is the reason since 1984, the Association of Surgical Technologists Board of Directors designated the third week of September of each year to recognizing and honoring the vast number of surgical techs around the world.

We understand that your role as surgical technologist is oftentimes a matter of life and death for patients. From learning about the thousands of surgical instruments to anticipating each surgeon’s needs, what you do matters. Surgeon’s all over the country count on well competent and responsible surgical techs to help surgeries go flawlessly.

And you’re right there on the front lines!

For the Traveling Surgical Tech

For those of you that are traveling surgical techs, kudos to you for being so flexible with your schedule and uprooting yourself for a period of time. It’s not always easy to leave loved ones for a short season and get used to a whole new location and surgical staff. Fortunately, there are top travel staffing agencies that cater to the OR tech traveler or those seeking a travel ST job. What a great way to see various areas of the country! Access unadvertised Surgical Tech travel jobs.

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As a Surgical Tech You Make a Huge Difference in the Lives of Others

There’s no doubt that you make a huge difference in the lives of others. For the surgeon, you’re a right-hand man or woman who makes their job easier. For the operating room, you’re the go-to person to make sure everything is in its correct place and all is efficient. For the patient, you’re the compassionate person who understands that having a surgery can be scary, so you show great love and patience as you prep each patient for surgery. You understand that you have the power to help ease each person’s anxieties and fears with your professional, compassionate, and positive demeanor. And last, but not least, you do your best at fostering a safe OR environment for everyone.

Take Time to Celebrate YOU

This year, as the National Surgical Technologist Week comes your way, take time to celebrate YOU in a big way. Thank you for serving others in the healthcare field and facilitating a safe and efficient operating room. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Now, to celebrate your amazing self, consider doing something that you’ve been putting off for a while. Maybe it’s that get-away you’ve been dreaming about, or enjoying a “staycation” at home lounging around doing nothing more than R & R. Or perhaps you can get together with others at work and have a celebratory dinner or night out.

Do whatever you desire, as you deserve some recognition for a job well done.

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